Hello guys.
I hope English is ok in here if not please let me know and I'll try to find some friend with more German skills than me for a translation.

I have been searching for help with this problem several times during a few years now but always end up at a dead end and this place seem to be the only one were I might be able to get help with.

I have a Swissphone DE516 pager it is marked on the front with name "Commercial E" but DE516 on the back. It was given to me by an old friend as a goodbye gift (testemented) after he decided life was not his thing any more. Sad story but anyway.

I didn't have any use for this pager at that time but it has been kept as a memory. A few years ago I realized that when I put in a fresh Battey and turned it on it had been cleared, due to dead memory battery for sure. I made up a interface in hopes to just program it back up and have it some what working on display purpose. I didn't manage at all and due to my lack of language skills in the German. Language and the very limited function of the translation functions of the tim I didn't find you guys back then.

I have now found out that the internal battery is in fact dead and even if I have no problem reading or writing the pager from the computer it have somehow gotten the wrong data in it's eeprom and he believe to be a de800 pager, this seem to be a common issue with these pagers but I have so far only found one with a solution and it was on this forum. (trust me I have spent many hours and days of searching and translating just to come to this conclusion and site) a
Anyway what this member in here wrote was that using the Lab software for the device (I believe PCK95) he managed to bring it back to life again. I am guessing this lab version can edit pager details as type serial number etc that in my case is all zeroes and then be able to flash the firmware to the unit and make it all happy again

I would love to bring this unit back, in the area I live today there are still some pocsag transmission of interest to receive and it would also strengthen the memories of my old friend.

I have searched for weeks online for this specific lab software or ways to open the software i have Access to in lab mode (I am sure it is possible) and only found a few references to dead sites and those who want you to pay huge amounts for Russian ftp sites. I don't have that kind of money and honestly the unit is so old today that it really don't have anything but it's sentimental value left.

Yes I could probably send the unit of to swissphone or a local dealer that would do the same (ship it of to swissphone factory) in lack of right software for a huge amount of money as well but what will happen the next time the internal battery dies? The pager is almost 20 years old now, who will be able to resurrect it next time the internal battery dies if I have no way to do it myself and if this lab mode is unobtanium today what will it be then?

So is there anyone that can point me in the right direction of what I can do or who I can contact to get help. Maybe someone with a working eeprom dump file, I have eeprom gear and professional soldering equipment and skills to even remove reprogram and put back the eeprom if that is what it takes. Maybe a way to open the PCK95 software up in lab mode or another way to resurrect this memorabilia.

Sorry for the long essay writing and many thanks in advance.